Model with On-Board Antenna (Rectangular size)

Model code: SIM-P115 (CSR1010)
Model code: SIM-P118 (CSR1024)

RF ANT Receptacle Connector (Regular size)

Model code: SIM-P104 (CSR1010)
Model code: SIM-P121 (CSR1024)

Mini size module

Model code: SIM-P088 (CSR1010)
Model code: SIM-P117 (CSR1024)


  • UART, I2C, PIO controller
  • 4x PWM modules
  • 2x hardware quadrature decoders
  • 12x or 32x re-assignable GPIOs plus dedicated WAKE pin
  • 10-bit SAR ADC/DAC with 1x or 3x AIO
  • 32kHz or 16MHz clock output


  • I2S, 15/33/37 GPIOs
  • 4x quadrature decoders, 2x time stamping blocks
  • 5x PWM blocks, key matrix scanner, LCD glass drive
  • 10-bit ADC, G.722 and G.711 audio codec

General Technical Data

ModelMCUBluetoothMemoryBluetooth TX/RXCurrent ConsumptionOperating VoltageOperating Temperature
CSR101016MHz 16MIPS XAP4.1128KB Memory: 64KB RAM & 64KB ROM- up to+9dBm max RF transmit power
-93dBm receiver sensitivity
<20mA peak current
5μA in deep sleep
900nA in dormant mode
1.8 to 4.3V-30°C to +85°C
CSR102416-bit 16MHz RISC embedded CPU5.0192KB ROM; 80KB RAM; 64KB OTP, 256Kb integrated flash- up to +4dBm max RF transmit power
-92dBm receiver sensitivity
Total system current during active TX/RX: <5mA
(at 3V, +0dBm)
1.4V to 3.6V-30°C to +85°C